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About Us


We are three individuals who brought our skills together to create an incredible pirate strategy board game. Allow me to tell you a little bit about each of them and how their skills are coming together to create something truly special.

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Our Story

Firstly, there's Jon, experienced in prototyping, manufacturing and a designer with a passion for immersive gameplay. He has a deep understanding of what makes a board game fun and engaging, and knows how to dial in key mechanics to keep players coming back for more. With Jon’s expertise, this pirate strategy board game is sure to have mechanics that are easy to learn but difficult to master, making for a challenging and rewarding gaming experience.

Next up is Katya, a skilled graphic designer with a keen eye for detail. She assists in the creation of the visuals that will bring the pirate world to life, from layout designs and the color palettes to the branding and overall feel for the game. Katya’s ability to manage, curate graphics to keep a cohesive theme, will help to transport players to another world, where they can experience the thrill of pirate life and adventure.

Finally, we have Chris aka Topher, a seasoned gamer and competitor with a talent for strategy, balancing and creative solutions to bring complexity with simplicity. He is responsible for crafting the narrative that will tie everything together, from the background of the world to the direction and vision of the game. Topher's ability to create a game with scalability will help to make this pirate strategy board game not just a fun game to play, but a game that you can truly invest into and get better at, with events and tournaments on the horizon.

Together, we are creating a pirate strategy board game that is sure to be a hit with gamers of all ages. With the two gametypes; cooperative and competitive, this game offers fun for all types of gamers. Keep an eye out for our game - it's sure to be a treasure worth discovering!

Meet The Team


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